OUTFIT POST: Comfy sweater weater

I love to wear sweaters. When the winter has arrived, I have every right to wear a sweater. Not only on my couch, but also outside my house. It is like putting on your pyjama to school or something. Cuddling yourself with the amazing material that is inside of it.

Of course I do my best to make it look fashionable. When I wear a sweater, I definitely want to combine it with other stuff. You don’t have to wear high heels to look cool, you can also combine the things you like and create your own kind of chic. You are free to wear what you like. The world would be so boring if everyone was the same.

This time I wore my Puma sweater with my denim jacket from Forever 21. As you read in my earlier post, I love denim. I combined it with a black jeans. Black is really my color. I am that kind of person that believes fully that black is a color. It looks good on everybody. Don’t wait any longer to see my outfit! And don’t forget: you are allowed to dress up comfy because WINTER.



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