OUTFITPOST: My outfit is on fire

When I first saw this flame dress in the shop, I had to laugh. I thought it was looking so weird and I wanted to try it for the fun. I walked to the changing rooms and with a little struggle, I got the dress on. I felt completely in love. The model of the dress is really good. And of course, it’s cool to be literally ‘on fire’. On a sunny day in October, I enjoyed the dress outside. What do you think? Continue reading “OUTFITPOST: My outfit is on fire”

4 Reasons why you should go on Erasmus

In 2016, I made the best choice of my life. I decided to go on Erasmus. Not to a warm country like Spain, but to the cold Finland where it was like -20 when we arrived. Soon, it was getting warm because of all the beautiful people I was surrounded with. Maybe you ever thought about studying abroad, but you didn’t do it because it looks scary and like a lot of work. I can ensure you: it’s really worth it. But why should you go on Erasmus? Continue reading “4 Reasons why you should go on Erasmus”

5 things you hear when you are born skinny

The whole day I think about food. When I lay in bed, I already think about what I want for dinner the next day. My mom says: ”It’s good that you don’t have the genes to gain weight, otherwise you would be really fat.” Of course, not all people know this about someone. When Vogue puts a post on Facebook of a skinny model, you know that they will get bad reactions. ”SHE HAS TO EAT A PIZZA”, ”SHE IS SICK”. Maybe she just ate pizza, who knows. What typical things do you hear born skinny? Continue reading “5 things you hear when you are born skinny”

Fashionweek: the legendary and iconic Versace show

Wow, Versace was so good. It was not for no reason that Donatella Versace got a standing ovation after the show was done. The shows of Versace always show the strength of women. I love how they can get this vibe with clothes, the location and of course with the beautiful models. Continue reading “Fashionweek: the legendary and iconic Versace show”

Fashionweek: Rihanna crossing and rocking

Fashionweek feels like you get surprises for a month long. I love to see what all the designers did this season. It’s always so good to see how creative people can be. Above this I always love to watch the streetstyle pictures. When you watch them, you always see Rihanna somewhere rocking her outfit. How good is it when you see the fashion designed by Rihanna? You could see this in the Fenty x Puma by Rihanna show. Continue reading “Fashionweek: Rihanna crossing and rocking”


I live in Holland, so the sun is not shining all the time. Sometime I wish I lived in Hawaii so that I could lay on the beach everyday. Everybody will have this thought when he or she is walking outside completely wet because of the rain I think. Or has a skin color that is more white than a milk bottle. But this week, I was happy about the weather in the Netherlands! I used this lovely sun to wear a croptop again. I wear a blue bomberjack with it. When I was doing my internship at an online fashion platform two years ago, I had a lot of nice events. At an opening of a store, I got a cheque to buy some clothes of that shop. I used it to buy this jacket. Still love it! Continue reading “OUTFIT POST: FLARED AND A LOVELY SUN”

5 Things to do in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city. I’ve been there 2 years ago and I’ve been there again this summer. The city is colourful and gives you the feeling that people built it with lots of passion. Another good thing about the city is that it’s a cheap city for a citytrip. You can already eat dinner for like 5 euros. But which places should you visit while going to Prague? Continue reading “5 Things to do in Prague”

OUTFIT POST: Black and a lot of white

Time for an outfit post again! It’s warm again in the Netherlands, so I finally can wear my summer clothes. Summer clothes are so nice and attractive to buy. I have a lot of croptops and nice dresses, so when I see 1 stripe of sun outside I immediately want to wear it. Continue reading “OUTFIT POST: Black and a lot of white”

My little sister does my make up

When I was 12, I was still practicing with blue eyeshadow and glitter eyeliner. But at the same age, my little sister knows everything about make up. She is watching a lot of Youtube and has more make up than me. Excited to see what she can do? Watch the video! Continue reading “My little sister does my make up”

OUTFIT POST: Chic look with Adidas pants

When I was shopping in Germany, I saw those retro Adidas pants. At first, I wanted to try them for fun. The weird colors that can be very wrong, but can also be really cool in a way. When I was wearing the pants, I realised I wanted to combine it on a way that doesn’t look like I just came back from sport. So when I was home, my closet was immediately open for inspiration. I found my chic blouse from B.Loved, which make the pants look way different than when I would combine it with a sweater. Continue reading “OUTFIT POST: Chic look with Adidas pants”

5 Things to do in Budapest

Going to Budapest? Great choice! I went there this summer with a friend and I really enjoyed it. The city is full of beautiful architecture, nice parcs, good vibes and perfect places to party. I heard from a lot of people that the city was perfect to combine seeing a beautiful city with exploring nice clubs. And they were really right. What places are must sees in Budapest? Continue reading “5 Things to do in Budapest”

4 Fashion mistakes I made in high school

I didn’t always like fashion that much. When I was a little child, I hated shopping. The only thing I wanted to do was playing soccer and wearing sport clothes. When I tell that to people now, they have to laugh. I love shopping now. But of course, I made a lot of mistakes in fashion. Especially in high school. A while ago, I was looking at pics of when I was around 14. What cruel mistakes did I made? Here are 5 examples of it. Continue reading “4 Fashion mistakes I made in high school”